Solar Project Feasibility

Key factors must be considered before a prospective project can move forward. We will determine your project's feasibility.
SEIPS will analyze technical project details to help determine the feasibility of your project.

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Solar PV Design & Engineering

A carefully constructed design is the first step to a successful solar project
Professional design services and reviews by the top technical experts in the industry.

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Solar PV Project Commissioning

Essential for performance, safety and warranty management.
Commissioning is the act of bringing a system into operation. SEIPS provides third-party commissioning and testing services for Solar PV and Energy Storage systems.

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System Performance Verification

Testing performance to verify production, design, and installation quality
Performance verification is the comparison between expected values and real-world operation. Production is verified through system output testing and reporting.

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Operations & Maintenance

PV systems require an ongoing operation and maintenance plan. Create a plan that will ensure the ongoing success of your project.
SEIPS provides a range of services, from on-site evaluation and remote analysis to development of O&M programs and procedures.

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Solar PV Consulting

Expert advice from top solar industry professionals with hundreds of years of combined industry experience.
Utilize SEIPS expertise to ensure your project meets relevant codes, standards, and industry best practices.

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Solar PV Design & Consulting Company

SEI Professional Services (SEIPS) and SEI Engineering (SEIE) are extensions of Solar Energy International (SEI) and operate as separate legal entities. SEI has a long and well respected heritage within the industry that dates back to 1991 as the leading non-profit technical training provider for the solar industry. SEIPS and SEIE were created in 2015 and 2016 respectively in response to the growing demand and requests from SEI’s students, alumni, supporters, and the broader solar industry to offer formal design, consulting, and field services across the globe.

Furthermore, SEIPS and SEIE will soon merge and will be offering consulting services under a single SEI Professional Services (SEIPS) company, but as of January 2018 SEI Engineering (SEIE) is still currently the sole provider of any and all formal engineering services. It is important to emphasize that until the merger of the two companies is finalized, we will continue to offer and perform all engineering services through SEI Engineering in accordance with the laws of the jurisdictions in which we work across the country.

Our Team: Solar PV Engineering and Performance Testing Experts

The SEI Professional Services (SEIPS) team includes the solar industry’s top PV system designers, engineers and technicians. The SEIPS team of solar professionals is primarily comprised of world-class instructors and technical solar energy experts from the industry’s leading non-profit solar training school – Solar Energy International (SEI). Our team has over 550 years of combined solar industry experience. Our solar engineering and consulting company is experienced with solar PV system components from all major manufacturers as well as the latest diagnostic testing equipment to ensure your system is in top operating order and will provide decades of reliable clean solar energy.

SEIPS is uniquely positioned to offer leading-edge knowledge of solar PV equipment and electrical codes and standards, but we also strive to pass on that knowledge to your organization and create self sustaining operations for years to come. Additionally, the types of solar design and consulting services offered to your project can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Solar engineering services are offered separately through SEI Engineering (SEIE), which does business within the states where we are licensed to operate and that list continues to grow rapidly.

SEIPS provides expert consulting services during every stage of the solar project development life cycle from concept to commissioning and beyond through operations and maintenance (O&M) services. We pride ourselves in offering the very best quality assurance (QA) and engineering services for the solar industry. Our consulting and design services include in-house licensed electrical, civil and structural engineers and as follow-up services we offer QA inspections during construction, performance testing and commissioning services after construction. We also offer ongoing evaluation services of existing systems and troubleshooting of any kind. These services are offered across the globe in connection with the reach of the Solar Energy Energy International (SEI) network.

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    Of state of the art equipment, codes and standards

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