Passion for solar power is what inspires us.

Designing, inspecting and commissioning are our specialties.

Providing the highest quality technical services to the solar industry is our business.


Key factors must be considered before a prospective project can move forward
SEIPS will analyze technical project details, and review financial documentation to help determine the feasibility of your project.

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A carefully constructed design is the first step to a successful solar project
Professional design services and reviews by the top technical experts in the industry.

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Essential for performance, safety and warranty management.
Commissioning is the act of bringing a system into operation.  SEIPS provides third-party commissioning services on a variety of levels from simple to complex.

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Performance Verification

Testing performance to verify components, workmanship and design.
Performance verification is the comparison between expected and actual system production through testing and documentation.

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Operations & Maintenance

PV systems require an ongoing operation and maintenance plan.
SEIPS provides a range of services, from on-site evaluation and remote analysis to development of O&M programs and procedures.

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Access to expert advice from top professionals in the industry.
Utilize SEIPS expertise in quality control and assurance based on industry best practices and relevant Codes and Standards.

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  • A Step Ahead

    Offering knowledge of the latest information and implementation strategies

  • Leading Edge Knowledge

    Of state of the art equipment, codes and standards

  • Technical Expertise

    To empower people & grow businesses

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The SEIPS team includes the industries top PV system designers, engineers and technicians.   Because SEIPS is primarily comprised of world-class instructors from Solar Energy International they are experienced with PV system components from all major manufacturers as well as the latest diagnostic testing equipment.

SEIPS is uniquely positioned to offer not only a team with leading-edge knowledge of equipment and codes and standards, but one that is also trained to pass on that knowledge to your crew.   Additionally, the types of services offered to your project can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Clientele & Scenarios


You are an existing residential and small commercial PV installer and your projects are now increasing in size. Your business is growing very fast and your clients are requesting verification of system integrity by a third-party. A system review by a qualified expert who can put their mind at ease once you leave the project.

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Your company has utility-scale PV projects nearing completion, and your existing team is stretched to capacity. You require commissioning services that are executed per the contract and documented by a third-party. Additionally, your clients require the highest level of verification during the commissioning process.

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You are a project developer and have installed a PV power plant on a regional shopping mall with money from a pool of investors. They want an owner-representative to verify that the installation has been installed correctly and performing as expected.

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