Top-notch consulting services from leaders in the industry.

Utilize SEIPS expertise in project management, quality control and assurance, and product development based on industry best practices and relevant codes and standards, to ensure a top quality PV installation.


  • Initial and on-going consultation with construction contractor on design implementation and construction
  • On-site quality control (QC) inspections with documentation and reporting at specified progress intervals
  • Final on-site acceptance inspection and report
  • Consulting and equipment review for PV product developers
  • Final punch-list documentation
  • Unbiased source of technical support


SEIPS’ vast network of established PV professionals and industry contacts allows us to offer a wide array of consulting services starting with your project concept. SEIPS is also well-positioned to offer product reviews for PV equipment developers.


SEIPS’ staff has decades of experience required to deliver expert consulting services on PV systems and equipment of all sizes and applications.


Contacting SEIPS early in your project planning will allow us to determine the best way to assist you, before, during and after project completion. In this way you and your company can take full advantage of SEIPS’ expertise and experience.