Expert design is the core of a successful PV system.

At the beginning of 2016 SEI Engineering was formed to address the overwhelming need for our expertise in the utility-scale design space.  As a partner company to SEIPS, SEI Engineering embodies the pinnacle of quality and experience in the PV industry.  Led by a group of PV experts who work in code development and educate the industry, the expertise embodied in Solar Energy International (SEI) is focused through SEI Engineering to deliver world-class service to our design clients. As of early 2019 SEI Engineering has delivered over 200 MW of design projects ranging from residential to utility scale.

Our clients receive unparalleled quality and insight that comes from years of evaluating equipment and evolving with the industry.  Contact us to determine how we can help you on your next project either by email or through a proposal request here.

SEIE will create (or review if existing) the following:

  • Site plan and array layout

  • Electrical and grounding strategy

  • Module racking method

  • Balance of system (BOS) components and required labeling

  • Equipment pad or skid structural engineering and mechanical drawings

  • Data acquisition system (DAS) plan

  • Utility interconnection method

  • Civil engineering including erosion & sediment control, SWPPPs, CUPs, and oversight of related permitting processes.

SEI Engineering delivers complete construction-ready plan-sets within budget and on-time – no exceptions.  We do not compete with the cheapest design firms in the industry because the level of quality they produce is not what we pursue.  Our interest is in delivering the best system to you, our client, with your highest interests considered at every step of the design process.  This is not to say consideration of costs is not also paramount.  It’s that we believe quality during the design process is the first step in assuring you will not be performing costly retrofits or replacement of equipment either before or after your system is completed.  Our costs will be recouped many-fold through less problems during construction and for the life of the system.

Our participation in your project elevates quality from the start, which saves both time and money.  Coupled with our inspection and commissioning services a full quality assurance package can be implemented, and your project will produce the amount of power you expect.

SEI Engineering performs third-party reviews of designs by EPC’s and other design firms using the same design staff, and even other instructors from SEI, in order to deliver a truly impartial, high-quality evaluation. In addition to electrical engineering we offer civil and structural engineering services, and complete design project management.  We are experienced in acquiring all types of permits associated with solar installations in many states, and therefore are familiar with the potential variability of the AHJ’s involved.

We are constantly acquiring licensure in more states, with the following states pending as of March 2018: AL, MT, NY, IL, MN. At this time the contact information for SEI Engineering is identical to SEI Professional Services.  You can reach us at or (970) 527-3920.  We look forward to assisting you on your next project or portfolio of projects.