Getting expert advice on a proposal’s feasibility up-front keeps your company’s energy focused on the right projects..

It is important to establish a project’s feasibility quickly and accurately, so that your company isn’t misusing its valuable resources or time.  SEIPS will closely analyze critical factors to determine if a proposed system should move forward.

  • Provide a site review
  • Conduct a design analysis
  • Outline equipment options for modules, inverters, and balance-of-system components
  • Consult with clients and manufacturers
  • Review utility interconnection requirements and considerations
  • Consider electrical and building permit requirements
  • Provide utility incentive documentation, if applicable
  • Conduct performance modeling and estimation
  • Provide recommendation on whether to proceed with final design, procurement of materials, and construction
  • Assist with selection of construction contractor(s)


SEIPS begins the feasibility discussion about your project by asking questions about your objectives and details. The intent of this process is to establish if this project has the viability to meet your goals and expectations. If appropriate, SEIPS will also outline equipment options to meet the goals of the proposal. Whether you are a primary investment group or a contractor we will provide clear and concise input.

Once SEIPS has a solid understanding of your objectives we will perform a site review while considering your vision. We will document the existing electrical infrastructure and consider critical issues such as interconnection to the local utility.


The feasibility study consists of an technical analysis of the proposed system. If appropriate, SEIPS will outline equipment options to meet the goals of the proposal.

At your option, a schematic of the proposed system can be provided for costing purposes and for guidance during the more in-depth design process. Additionally SEIPS can provide a possible schedule for construction.


The result of the feasibility process is to give you a clear understanding as to the viability of your project, sometimes in multiple configurations. You should have the tools to make a clear decision about the way forward.

SEIPS Is able to transition from this phase into a role of consulting, design or as an owner-representative to ensure your project follows the vision you set forth.