*Important!!!* With the addition of SEI Engineering we are adding resources.  This page will serve as your connection to both entities.  Until we create a separate page for SEI Engineering, this and it’s companion policy page will serve to function for both entities.

Welcome!  If you are reading this an SEIPS OR SEIE representative has sent you here to familiarize yourself with our contractual relationship and give you the tools to legally become part of the SEIPS/SEIE team.  We look forward to a long-standing, fruitful relationship and if there are ever any questions or concerns about the information presented here please contact Jeff Ruppert or Katie Delbaugh and we should be able to work through them with you.

As you can tell, there are now two companies.  We created SEI Engineering in early 2016 to address the needs of our design clients.  This entity allows us to legally practice engineering in many states across the country.  SEI Engineering will only be performing design services.  SEI Professional Services will also perform various deign services on projects outside of the country and will perform all field work on our projects.  It’s not critical for you to understand why a certain project falls under one company or another, but it is important fro you to remember what company you are contractually working for on any given project.  Hopefully the tools we have prepared will help you keep the various projects and companies aligned as you interact with us.

As part of the SEIPS/SEIE team you are referred to as a Service Provider in our contracts.  To start work as a Service Provider you are required to enter an agreement with SEIPS and/or SEIE creating the legal structure for us to work together on many individual projects.  What this means is there will be a main contract that covers general terms and conditions, and then work authorizations, or task orders, will be created for each individual project.  The individual projects may be assigned to you by SEIPS or SEIE because you are the most appropriate contractor to perform the work, or you may have brought a project to SEIPS and/or SEIE and you will act as the Service Provider yourself, or it might be your turn in the rotation to receive a certain type of project.  Regardless of where the work came from it is necessary for us to establish our legal relationship through the steps outlined below.

We recommend you take the time to completely read and understand each step below before following any of the links within them.  This way, any questions you have before starting the process can be answered and we will be able to smoothly navigate this together.  All of the links within the text below can be found quickly at the bottom of this page along with the Service Provider survey.

SEIPS and SEIE Company Policies

In addition to the information presented on this page, company policies on a range of items can be found here.  You are required to become familiar with all of the policies on that page before working on your first project with SEIPS or SEIE.  This means you must read and acknowledge your understanding of our policies at the bottom of the policy page, so please take the time to do so as soon as possible.


The steps to establish our legal relationship are as follows:

  1. The first thing you’ll do is enter into an agreement with SEIPS or SEIE as a Service Provider.  This is logically called the Contractor Services Agreement and may sometimes be referred to as the “main agreement” between you and SEIPS or SEIE.   This Agreement is the basis of our relationship outside of any particular project.  A blank template for this agreement can be found here.  For all the forms you are downloading we recommend using Adobe Acrobat, which can be found here.
  2. Once you have had a chance to read the Contractor Services Agreement you’ll need to fill it out, sign it, and send it to Jeff (you can scan or take a picture and email it).  Once the main agreement is in place it will allow SEIPS or SEIE to assign projects to you through Work Authorizations.
  3. Use the link at the bottom of this page and fill out a W-9 and send it to us with the Service Provider Agreement.
  4. After we receive an executed copy of the Contractor Services Agreement and a completed W-9 from you the next step is matching you with a project.  If a project has been identified you will need to fill out a Work Authorization prior to stepping foot on the project or being authorized to do anything on behalf of SEIPS or SEIE.  You can find a template for work authorizations here.

Work Authorizations

  1. Work Authorizations, or task orders, are individual task assigned to you on one or more projects.  Before filling out a work authorization form you will need to have had a conversation with Jeff or another manager about a specific project.  If you have been directed to fill out an authorization you can proceed with the next steps, otherwise Jeff will send you a filled out work authorization and there is no need for you to proceed beyond here.
  2. Once you have downloaded a copy of the Work Authorization (WA) form read and become familiar with the type of information you will be required to provide.  At this point you may not know answers to some of the fields.  That’s OK.  We’ll work on this together.
  3. We are currently using a cloud service for document creation and tracking called Pandadoc.  It is very likely that you will receive all of your contracts with us through this service.  You will be able to read and sign them online from within your browser.
  4. Once a WA has been executed you will be authorized to work on the project, and you will then be covered by SEIPS or SEIE insurance.  At that point you will be representing SEIPS or SEIE and need to keep this in mind whenever you are with the client, on the project, or preparing deliverables.  If you are traveling overseas make sure to request our insurance information from Jeff in the case of an emergency, which will help you navigate the process with your care provider.  Visit this page for all of our company policies
  5. Once a WA has been signed you will be sent an access link to the project folder on the SEIPS/SEIE cloud server.  This is where you will save deliverables and store important information about the project.
  6. Finally, you’ll probably have all sorts of preparation to do and hopefully we have executed a WA well in advance of you beginning your work.  This is the time to begin doing it and staying in contact with Jeff or another member of the SEIPS/SEIE project management team.
  7. Once your project is complete you’ll need to debrief SEIPS or SEIE and prepare your deliverables, if applicable.  Once your deliverables have been uploaded to our cloud server and accepted SEIPS or SEIE will make final payment to you and the project will be closed.
  8. The process from step 4 to step 9 will be repeated for every project you perform for SEIPS or SEIE.

As mentioned above, the links can be quickly found below.  In addition to those links are various other ones, such as travel insurance information and our letterhead for use when you need to write a letter to our clients or for a report.  We’ll be posting more links to this page over time so make sure to bookmark it in an easy to find place.  If you ever need the link to this page again let Jeff know and he’ll resend it to you.

We value our relationship and want you to feel comfortable at all times in your role as an SEIPS or SEIE team member.  If, at any time, you have questions or concerns contact Jeff or Katie and they’ll address them immediately.

Thank you for becoming familiar with our process and policies, and we look forward to your next project with us.

The SEIPS Team

Quick Links
Blank Work Authorization
Travel Insurance Information
General and Professional Liability Insurance Policy Certificate
Service Provider Survey
SEIPS Letterhead
Blank Invoice (Excel)
Blank Invoice (PDF)
Blank W9
SEIPS Company Policies


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