Joe Villacci

Chief Operating Officer

Joe is one of the founders of SEIPS and SEIE, and now works as Chief Operating Officer. Joe has provided technical services for PV businesses and PV system owners full time since 2006. He specializes in project management, system design, installation methods, and performance verification of solar electric systems. He has held numerous positions in the industry and brings his years of experience into the daily operations of SEIPS and SEIE.

Joe’s primary responsibilities include oversight of project managers and contractors by providing technical and logistical support during the execution of projects. He is directly involved with developing and negotiating contract terms with clients, budgeting, and business development. He performs system design work, is proficient in AutoCAD, and independently manages select SEIE projects. Additionally, Joe continues to work on a part-time basis as a PV technical trainer and curriculum developer for Solar Energy International. His position on SEI’s PV curriculum team allows him to be closely involved with code compliance and industry best practices.