Justine Sanchez

Design Services

Justine has been working with Solar Energy International (SEI) since 1998, and now works as a Lead Designer for SEIPS. She specializes in PV system design, plan set review, and system consulting for utility, commercial and residential scale PV projects. She entered the solar industry in 1993, working at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), after obtaining a degree in Physics at the University of Colorado. During her time at SEIPS she has assisted in the design, development and review of electrical plan sets up to 30 megawatts. Additionally, Justine leads and participates in design related consulting and PV system modeling, as well as assisting with the SEIPS business development, plan set templates, standards and best practices. While Justine has over 25 years in the solar industry, the last 10 have been spent being the senior PV Technical Editor with Home Power Magazine, teaching SEI PV courses, and performing contract work with SEIPS, prior to accepting her full time position.

Spending the last decade writing, reviewing and editing technical articles submitted by fellow solar professionals, Justine had to catch any errors or omissions about equipment and design details that weren’t completely accurate (or representative of industry best practices) in text and graphics within those draft articles. That experience really sharpened her attention to detail, which she now applies to system design plan sets at SEIPS.

Before Justine worked for Home Power Magazine, prior industry experience included working with EV Solar in Chino Valley Arizona as a contracted installer and at NREL in their Solar Resource Division where her group made those solar irradiance maps that give designers their peak sun hour values. In 1998, Justine became a staff member at SEI where she developed renewable energy curriculum and taught hundreds of hands-on and online classes. Back then the hands- on classes included full installations of battery-based and grid-direct PV and wind systems on various sites across the country, which gave Justine experience as a project manager handing everything from organizing the teaching & curriculum side to full system implementation. This included client sourcing, system design, equipment ordering, permitting, inspections and of course installing systems with a student crew.

Education & Certifications
B.A., Physics, University of Colorado, Boulder.
IREC Certified Master Trainer 2006 – 2016.
NABCEP Certified PV Installer 2008-2011.