Roger Williams

Inspection Services

Roger is an inspector with SEIPS. He is also a member of SEI’s PV Curriculum Development Team and a workshop Instructor. He has had a long-time passion for solar energy – beginning with Mom’s clothesline back in the 70’s. Since 2002, after a summer of workshops and some hands-on work with SEI, Roger has worked full-time in the PV industry, predominantly in California, and has been a NABCEP Certified PV Installer since 2007. He began as an installer, later working as a foreman, site superintendent and project manager, primarily on grid-direct systems – from small residential to 1 MW commercial systems. He has also performed solar-specific site analysis, troubleshooting, quality assurance and operations and maintenance tasks on thousands of PV sites. Roger is passionate about spreading the understanding and usage of solar power, in addition to teaching best practices for safe, high-quality, NEC compliant PV installations. Currently enjoying the fine food, culture, small waves and bike-friendly routes of the San Francisco Bay Area, Roger can be found late at night playing hockey at Oakland Ice, under 300 kilowatts of PV.