Proper O&M is necessary to ensure long-term system performance and return on investment.

Ongoing support, preventative maintenance, and, when necessary, reactive maintenance are critical for ensuring system reliability and return on investment. SEIPS provides a range of services ranging from onsite assistance, to remote analysis, to training of company personnel.

Operation and maintenance of PV power systems can be as simple as clearing the snow off the array and checking the water in your batteries (for battery-based systems) to performing system performance calculations on a regular schedule to verify proper inverter operation and/or determine if any modules need replacing.  Utility-scale O&M requires ongoing support with a specific set of tasks appropriate for the scale of the system and required by the equipment manufacturers should there be a warranty claim.

  • Remote support and data analysis
  • Development of operation manuals and maintenance checklists
  • Optional training workshop for maintenance personnel (on-site or at SEI training facility)
  • Perform or arrange for required maintenance in order to meet product warranty requirements
  • Warranty claim assistance and expert witness testimony
  • In-person inspection at first anniversary of final commissioning


PV systems are commonly modular, offering the ability to take part of a system offline while keeping the rest of the system operational. But the process of doing so should be clear to those who operate the facility. SEIPS can create a system operation and maintenance manual for your on-site staff. The manual will outline required maintenance procedures, commissioning and decommissioning processes during routine maintenance and in case of component failure.


SEIPS can train your staff to use the system O&M manual and perform their regular duties with the confidence that if an issue arises they will know what to do. Protection of your asset is essential and having a well-trained maintenance staff operating and maintaining it is crucial to your system’s long-term performance and energy production.


If you do not have either an O&M manual nor a trained staff, but you have personnel who will perform O&M duties, now is the time to work with SEIPS to ensure their capabilities.